A rough start to cloth

I started cloth diapering after visiting a cloth-friendly friend (with twins!) who lived about an hour from me. She showed me her GroVia stash and made it seem so fun and easy it really got me thinking that maybe I could cloth diaper. It wasn’t until the ride home though that I made the decision to try cloth diapering. While sitting in rush hour traffic Emily started crying as if something was seriously wrong. My initial thought was that she was being stabbed by 1,000 rusty forks but I was in the carpool lane so other than singing Wheels on the Bus my options were limited. It would be 30 minutes of crying before I pulled into a gas station and discovered that she had had an epic blow out. We left the gas station 45 minutes later clean but forever changed, I vowed to never put either of us through that again. Enter cloth!

Very first cloth #otb

Trying to get the fit of our very first cloth right
Emily had just learned to crawl, it would be weeks before I could get a photo that wasn’t blurry

The next day I bought few BumGenius 4.0s and a GroVia Ai2 shell and 2 stay-day soaker pads. BumGenius was on sale at Buy Buy Baby and with a few 20% off coupons I was able to purchase 12 4.0s for somewhere around $150. Because of this, I was slightly put off GroVia with the shell (snap closure) being $16.95 and the 2-pack of soaker pads (organic cotton) being $18.95. Yes, the shell can be reused throughout the day until soiled but it still seemed like a bigger investment. None of this mattered though because I soon spotted Lalabye Baby in a contest by Dream Diapers. The rainbow snaps and included bamboo inserts drew me in and I bought 5 immediately. Shortly after trying them on the bum I was hooked. They fit my slim daughter so well and I loved their versatility, with the option of using them as an Ai2 or a pocket. My stash quickly grew and it wasn’t long before I sold my BumGenius, gave away my GroVia and was exclusively Lalabye Baby.

Very first Lalabye Baby #otb

Love at first snap! Our very first Lalabye Baby #otb

It was during this transition that I stumbled. I made silly mistakes looking back, like not doing a pre-rinse or not using enough detergent that lead to my daughter suffering from a yeast rash – which is a tale for another post. Like all things motherhood, cloth diapering was (understandably) overwhelming at first. If you asked 100 people how they cloth diaper you would get 100 different answers and thats because what works for one person may not work for another. Which is the great thing about cloth diapering, as long as you are properly washing your diapers, there is no wrong way to cloth. I have since learned that the pre-rinse is practically the most important step next to using enough detergent or doing a bleach rinse on pre-loveds.

I was heartbroken that something I did could have caused my daughter to feel unneeded discomfort. Lucky for me I discovered the Lalabye Baby Cloth Diaper Chat and More page on Facebook. I was encouraged by some very thoughtful and helpful #lalabyemamas¬†(brand reps/passionate Lalabye truth sayers) and Lalabye users who guided me to find the wash routine that works best for us. Being a part of the Lalabye Community has only reinforced my love for all things Lalabye Baby. It is a brand that believes in paying it forward, something I soon hope to do, and all around love and fairness. The funny thing is, I may not be as loyal as I am now if I hadn’t stumbled in the beginning. It was almost as if triumphing over yeast (a determined and scrappy opponent) brought us closer. If my Lalabye Baby Diapers and and I can conquer yeast together then we can conquer anything!

First Exclusive Lalabye Stash Shot

Our first exclusively Lalabye stash shot
(Thank you to all the mamas that passed these on!)
Fresh out of the bleach rinse 

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