About Me

I am a 32 year-old mom to a curious, playful, loving, sweet little girl and I am trying my hardest to live in the moment and enjoy even the most mundane tasks – hello cloth diapering!

I have learned many things in my first year of motherhood but one of the most valuable pieces of information I have discovered is that I am not in control. I always thought I was in control – it is MY life after all – and maybe I was for a little while but it took a few heavy life experiences for me to realize this isn’t the case anymore. Trying to conceive, becoming and being pregnant, and becoming a mother have all taught me that no matter how much I want something to go a certain way, there are no guarantees. Most importantly I’ve learned that life is much more enjoyable when I just roll with it. Trying to change the past or worrying about what could happen in the future takes me away from enjoying the present so here I am, living in the moments of motherhood.