Buncha Farmers to the rescue!

Pura Vida stain

“Not Pura Vida!” Words uttered after pulling Pura Vida out of the wash this week 

This week my heart sank as I pulled Pura Vida out of the wash to find it had a lingering stain. Not a clue where this could have come from, I am usually very careful with my no longer available Lalabye Baby diapers so your guess is as good as mine. I tried not to panic as I pulled out my Buncha Farmers stain stick and got to work.

Pura Vida stain before

Before treatment

buncha farmers treatement

Buncha Farmers “soaking” in. To do this, wet the diaper (or other fabric) and wet the stick and scrub scrub scrub! I typically do multiple layers of Buncha Farmers, using the cloth itself to scrub and work the Buncha Farmers into the stain. Once the stain as faded I will do one more round of Buncha Farmers and then drop it into the diaper bucket to be washed.

Happy turtles again

Happy turtles and happy days!

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