Emily’s New Kitchen

This past week I found a Step 2 kitchen on Facebook for $35 and jumped on it. It is the perfect configuration for a 15 month old because the oven and fridge are low and the sink and burners are about 2 feet off the ground. I got her pots and food and even a small broom to sweep up the kitchen just like we do. I even called Step 2 and got a few replacement parts that were missing for very little money.

kitchen play

Taking in her brand new kitchen

The first day we set it up Emily was so happy to play with it. She banged pots and carried food around in her little basket just like I have at the supermarket, it was one of the sweetest sights I have ever seen. I love watching her explore and learn, I never imagined that would be one of my favorite parts of motherhood. My heart was so full but it overflowed when Nick came home and Emily grabbed his hand before he had a chance to take off his boots and dragged him into the play room to show off her new kitchen. She was so proud of her toy that she wanted to share it with her daddy. With big smiles on their faces they cooked eggs and french fries until dinner time.

A funny moment came when we were getting ready to go into Boston for the day (post to come on that) and Nick found one shoe in the play room but couldn’t find the other. He had turned the room upside down and burst out laughing when he finally opened the oven and saw her shoe sitting there. Now the running joke is to check the oven anytime we are looking for a missing item.

kitchen play while I stuff diapers

Playing while I stuff diapers

All of a sudden she has become this mini adult. I don’t know if it is because of the independence she has with the kitchen or if that would have happened anyways but her personality is shining through. Emily is becoming Emily. Emily babywears while sweeping the carpet and barks orders to turn on Clifford her new favorite (or only favorite) show.


Its hard to get a good “seat” when your doll has no joints

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