Things I have used to try to get my 1 year old into her car seat

It has started. Emily HATES sitting in her car seat and LOVES standing in it. Its mostly the act of sitting in it that is the issue, once she is down and buckled in she will sit (somewhat) calmly for about a half hour before mounting another protest. No matter what I try I have to add 5-10 minutes to every car ride for this exhausting exercise.

To get her peacefully in a seated position I have tried…

  • Puffs
    Shaking a can of Puffs in-front of a baby is the equivalent of waving thousands of dollars in-front of an adult. Her eyes would go wide, she would immediately sit down and get to munching. This trick worked for about a week.
  • Water & juice filled sippy cup
    I think this may have worked once but the appeal of a drink in the car quickly wore off.
  • 100 First Words book
    Emily loves listening to someone point and explain what something is, she will smile and stare and try to repeat the word you just said but it is very difficult to point, read, and maneuver her into her seat so you really need two people to make this one work.
  • Frozen
    Frozen and Tangled are the two movies that can keep Emily entertained (in a Pack & Play) long enough for me to take a shower or wind her down at night but not even trolls singing “Are you holding back your fondness due to his unmanly blondness?” will distract her enough for me to buckle her in.
  • Singing
    Any and every song I can think of!
  • Etch-a-Sketch
    I have had the most success with this, she stands in the seat while I write her name and then I repeat the letters over and over while sitting her down and buckling her in.

So in summary, I will try anything and everything to get Emily into her carseat without each of us having a complete breakdown. And just when I think I know just what to do to guarantee a happy car rides she throughs me for a loop and changes the game.

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